Boat Ramp

     Len's Marina has a double wide boat ramp, so two boats may use the ramp at the same time.  When using the boat ramp, Please remember that others are also using the ramp.


     Boat Ramp Etiquette.  After purchasing your boat ramp pass, continue around the building. If waiting your turn; remove covers, travel straps, prepare your ropes, load what you can in the boat, and Do Not, Do Not forget to put in your drain plug!  Once the boat is launched, move the boat as far back and out of the way as possible.  Park your vehicle and trailer in front of the Marina Store, saving space for the gas pump.  Be sure that your vehicle and trailer are straight and that you parked as close to the other vehicles as possible.  And finally, have a great day on the beautiful Patuxent River.


     Daily Ramp Pass                                $  10.00

     Yearly Ramp Pass                              $ 150.00


Where to Find Us:

Len's Marina
8995 Broomes Island Rd
Broomes Island, MD 20615

Phone: 410 586-0077


Marina Hours:

        Open 7 days a week


              Mon. - Wed.

          8:00am - 6:00pm

              Thur. - Sun.

          8:00am - 6:00pm




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